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+ Painting of Napoleon Bonaparte

“Napoleon the Great” is a great way into the Napoleonic era

I have been looking for an audiobook that explains the Napoleonic period. So I tried Andrew Roberts’s epic, Napoleon the Great.

+ French World War One soldier

Forgotten voices of the Great War: A book of real life stories

“Forgotten Voice of the Great War” is a collection of fascinating real life stories. Coming from a time of great upheaval, so different from our own.

+ Wellington at Waterloo

‘Waterloo’ show how not to describe battles!

Firstly, maps and diagrams are a simple must for showing where the soldiers were and to whom they were facing.

+ American soldiers in Vietnam running into a helicopter

Mark Bowden “Hue 1968” Review

“Hue 1968” describes the battle that took place in Hue during the Tet Offensive in 1968 through the eyes of participants who were there.

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