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+ Painting of Napoleon Bonaparte

“Napoleon the Great” is a great way into the Napoleonic era

I have been looking for an audiobook that explains the Napoleonic period. So I tried Andrew Roberts’s epic, Napoleon the Great.

+ Aircraft flying through the sky

Why are there so many bad books on, WordPress, YouTube and SEO?

When you search for anything to do with social media marketing, you will notice the abundance of three-hour audiobooks.

+ Astronaut floating above the Earth

Project Hail Mary review: Astrophage could be eaten!

Since Astrophage is so similar to earth life, being made largely of water. Especially with so many scientists working on the Astrophage problem.

+ Astronaut floating above the Earth

Project Hail Mary is almost identical to The Martian

They follow a main character on a space adventurer battling against the odds to save themselves or the human race, after becoming lone survivors.

+ Ship at sunset

Horatio Hornblower is the adult version of Treasure Island

Follow Hornblower, as he rises through the ranks of the Royal Navy, with many perilous encounters along the way.

+ French World War One soldier

Forgotten voices of the Great War: A book of real life stories

“Forgotten Voice of the Great War” is a collection of fascinating real life stories. Coming from a time of great upheaval, so different from our own.

+ Loin

William Hague’s ‘William Pitt The Younger’ Review

Prime Minister William Pitt ‘the Younger’ led Britain to war with Revolutionary France following the French Revolution.

+ Camera lens

I would really recommend ‘How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck’

The book is a very basic guide to filmmaking. Gaining in the process a vastly better understanding of how professional films are made.

+ Module car

Are you learning to drive? Then try the Stig’s “How to Drive”

“How to Drive” aims to help people to learn to drive safely. With a mixture of first-hand accounts and know how, in an upbeat fashion.

+ Medieval Monk

‘A History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts’ Review

Have you ever tried to get your head around early modern English history? Yes, I know it is a next to impossible, but with the right material, it can be done.

+ Chefs

Kitchen Confidential covers Anthony Bourdain’s life as a Chief

A blended of do’s and don’ts for cooking, restrain guide, and personal stories from Anthony Bourdain’s time as chief.

+ Shoes in wilderness

Your next great comedy listen ‘A Walk in the Woods’

It combines a brilliant comedy duo with the story of the Appalachian Trial. I must stress before we go any further, that I would not recommend watching the film

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