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Why are there so many bad books on, WordPress, YouTube and SEO?

When you search for anything to do with social media marketing, you will notice the abundance of three-hour audiobooks.

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I would really recommend ‘How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck’

The book is a very basic guide to filmmaking. Gaining in the process a vastly better understanding of how professional films are made.

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Are you learning to drive? Then try the Stig’s “How to Drive”

“How to Drive” aims to help people to learn to drive safely. With a mixture of first-hand accounts and know how, in an upbeat fashion.

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Kitchen Confidential covers Anthony Bourdain’s life as a Chief

A blended of do’s and don’ts for cooking, restrain guide, and personal stories from Anthony Bourdain’s time as chief.

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What I have learned from completing 200 audio books!

At university, they made preparing for exams and seminars a doddle. Later on, they educated me on how to apply for jobs.

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