Category: Napoleonic wars

+ Painting of Napoleon Bonaparte

“Napoleon the Great” is a great way into the Napoleonic era

I have been looking for an audiobook that explains the Napoleonic period. So I tried Andrew Roberts’s epic, Napoleon the Great.

+ Ship at sunset

Horatio Hornblower is the adult version of Treasure Island

Follow Hornblower, as he rises through the ranks of the Royal Navy, with many perilous encounters along the way.

+ Loin

William Hague’s ‘William Pitt The Younger’ Review

Prime Minister William Pitt ‘the Younger’ led Britain to war with Revolutionary France following the French Revolution.

+ Wellington at Waterloo

‘Waterloo’ show how not to describe battles!

Firstly, maps and diagrams are a simple must for showing where the soldiers were and to whom they were facing.

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