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+ Russia fighter jet

The West should follow Russia’s example of sending soldiers covertly to Ukraine as “volunteers”!

Russia has waged an undeclared war against Ukraine ever since their illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.

+ university library

The majority of English students will be unable to repay their student loans

The majority of students will be luckily if they earn anywhere near enough to pay back their loans.

+ books outlining a tunnel

University is no longer a privilege, but the minimum qualification!

Having a degree in the UK no longer means that you have opportunities denied to the bulk of the population.

+ Artist illustration of Covid 19 in outer space

We are heading for 420 Covid deaths a day in the UK!

I predict that we will reach 420 Covid deaths a day on average in the UK by winter.

+ A women waiting for a train

How to get companies to allow employees to work from home!

The pandemic has proven that many types of office work can be done from anywhere. However many companies are now demanding people to return to the office.

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