Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential is the audiobook equivalent of a binge worthy TV show. You can listen Kitchen Confidential for hours without a problem, it just that good. A blended of do’s and don’ts for cooking, restrain guide, and personal stories from Bourdain’s time as chief. This mixture keeps the content fresh and interesting, no pun intended. I must admit I have not listened to any other audiobooks related to cooking before.1

* Unfortunately, Kitchen Confidential is simply not suited to children given the book adult content and large amount swearing.1 *

Bourdain improbable portrayals of chiefs as a hard nutty bunch, does make Kitchen Confidential entertaining. Nevertheless, at the same time it does seems a bit exaggerated. He admits that when he started out he was willing to excessively brag, things do not seemed to have changed.1

The personal stories further enhance the entertainment value. Even if at times, Kitchen Confidential unfortunately just turns into a list of people and cooking procedures. The stories offer a new and unique view on the restaurant business. Such as the days of the week and course to go for to get the best restaurant experience.1

Unfortunately, Kitchen Confidential is somewhat let down by Bourdain slow narration. I would highly recommend speeding up the audio to overcome this problem. Outside of this Bourdain narration is up there with any professional actors.1

By Arran Wilkins © 2021 (text only)

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