Clarkson’s Farm is a blast of fresh air compared to The Grand Tour. There was no use of the same old jokes, with the same old set up. As time has gone on The Grand Tour has become more and more predictable and stale. Meanwhile Clarkson’s Farm remind me of the good old days of Top Gear before the trio left, when things where new and unpredictable.1,2

The Grand Tour follows the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May racing cars with things going hilariously wrong. Unfortunately, there is only so many times this can work. They seem to have run out of ideas. There are only so many breakdowns, river crossing, and caravans accidents you can make hilarious. 2

Clarkson’s Farm by comparison follows his efforts to run his own farm. Not only is it a good laugh, but also provides for fascinating glimpse into British farming. Exploring multiply issues ranging from harvesting wheat, to fish farming, all on one farm. Clarkson encounters many original mishaps and difficulties along the way, marking a fresh start. 1

There is no reason why The Grand Tour cannot do the same thing. All it has to do is to dich the cars in favour for some other focus: 1,2

  1. The trio could commanded a fishing trawler in the English Channel, with all the hijinks that would entail. They would provide interesting look at the difficulties faced by fishermen at sea. They also would run into several controversial topics ranging from environmental quotes, Brexit, European fishing vessels, over fishing and migrants/refuges crossing in small boats.
  2. Turn The Grand Tour into a survival show, such as climbing Mount Everest or surviving in the jungle.
  3. Reality TV show where the trio try to survive demanding jobs, such as garbage disposal or as chiefs in a busy kitchen.
  4. They could compete with each other to design the best product or buildings. Such as the best headphones or eco house design.
  5. James and Hammond could critique Clackson Farm, maybe even set a rival farm. This would add the trio chemistry to an already successful show.
  6. A travel show, where they explore the worst and best places to stay and visit. Especially since there are so many B&Bs propping up, just look at 3

Please comment below, if you have any better ideas?

By Arran Wilkins © 2021 (text only)


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